Long Island Mailboxes & Address Plaques for Sale

Have you been thinking about buying a new mailbox for your home? The type and quality of residential mailbox you choose have a lot to do with how often you’ll need to replace it. Many homeowners find that higher-quality, rust-resistant mailboxes from CJ Flag & Son are worth the investment -- and have the added benefit of coming in a wide variety of architectural styles and colors to match your home.

We sell and install custom residential mailboxes in Lindenhurst, NY that are made from heavy-duty materials so that they will last for years. Add traditional style and timeless elegance to your home with a Classic Mailbox from Gaines Manufacturing. These stately mailboxes are constructed from rust-proof cast aluminum and solid brass and hand assembled. Available in six powder-coated colors with over two pounds of paint, there’s sure to be one that will provide the perfect complement to your home. Due to our mailboxes being custom made to your liking, they do take 2- 3 weeks to come in. 

In addition to our mailboxes for sale in Lindenhurst, we also offer a variety of Gaines address plaques. All the Gaines products we offer are crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum and made to last for years. With their weather-resistant finish, they age gracefully over time and provide many years of use.

Who Owns Your Mailbox?

One interesting question we get asked sometimes at CJ Flag & Son is “Are mailboxes property of the city?” Actually, no, a residential mailbox is not the property of the city -- but the mailbox isn’t exactly the property of the homeowner, either. Once you purchase and install a mailbox by your curb or on the wall by your door that meets US Postal Service regulations, that residential mailbox effectively becomes the property of the federal government and allows you to participate in the sending and receiving of mail via the USPS.

There are good and not-so-good sides to having your mailbox become Federal property: The good thing is that since the mailbox is considered property of the federal government, it is a federal violation to vandalize mailboxes or to “injure, deface or destroy any mail deposited in them” (Title 18, United States Code, Section 1705).

On the other hand, since residential mailboxes are considered federal property, the government can also require that the mailbox meet certain requirements as far as mailbox design, placement and usage. If you don’t meet those requirements, the USPS does not have to provide mail service.

Fortunately, since the homeowner is the one who is responsible for buying and installing the mailbox, the homeowner is also the one who gets to choose the mailbox design and size -- and quality. Whether you decide to buy an inexpensive mailbox from your local retail store or a high-quality decorative mailbox from CJ Flag & Son has a lot to do with how much upkeep you have to do on your mailbox to keep it up-to-code.

Installing a better quality mailbox could keep you from having to replace it as soon. Plus, you can choose a style of a decorative mailbox that fits the architectural look of your home. The size and shape are up to you, and you can even choose a locking style of mailbox if you have concerns about the security of your mail.

Decorative Name Plaques and Mailboxes for Sale

CJ Flag & Son sells a variety of beautiful, decorative mailboxes and name plaques that are as practical as they are attractive. Some of the Gaines Manufacturing products we sell include:
     1. Gaines Post Mount Mailboxes: These are the classic mailbox shape post mount mailboxes for residential use, but with a major upgrade in quality. Some of the most popular Gaines Post Mount mailbox options are those in the Keystone series. They are available in your choice of colors and with “US Mail” embossed on the mailbox door in different typefaces depending on which model you choose.
     2. Gaines Wall Mount Mailboxes: These 100% rust resistant mailboxes mount on the wall of your building and look elegant while securely storing your mail.
    3. Gaines Vintage Mailbox Tops: These post mount mailboxes are square and have a beautiful vintage look -- perfect for complementing the look of older homes as well as homes with classic architectural styles.
    4. Gaines Address Plaques can be mounted on your wall or on posts in your yard. Crafted using powder-coated aircraft quality aluminum and/or brass, these address plaques look elegant when installed and age gracefully as they weather over time.

The Gaines Manufacturing residential mailboxes and address plaques are quality pieces that add beauty to your home, but each also serves an important practical purpose: Our address plaques give you a beautiful way to show your house number that will weather the elements much better than other house numbers, and our residential mailboxes are as durable and strong as they are beautiful. They come in different styles and colors to fit any decor or home style perfectly.

The Gaines Manufacturing products we offer won’t rust and just get better looking with age. With their vintage good looks and high quality, our mailboxes for sale will delight you while requiring very little maintenance. And while they provide a practical and safe way to receive your mail, our Gaines mailboxes just can’t help but look good and add to your home’s exterior decor and curb appeal.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a new mailbox for your home, contact us today! CJ Flag & Son serves Lindenhurst, NY and the surrounding areas with durable, high-quality residential mailboxes in a variety of styles and colors, as well as beautiful address plaques that fit your home’s architecture. Call us for more information on custom mailbox size, pricing, and installation.